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Ben AnbeekGreetings,

Being born in the late 70's in a small city in the middle of the Netherlands. I grew up  as a creatve spirit, and this creativity developed further during the later stages of my childhood. During these later stages around the 80's and the early 90's as I was tending to highschool and was introduced to working with iron and steel for industrial needs. These skill included many forms of  welding, bending and milling and set the basis of where I am today.

Around the very same time as I tended to high school my love for the middelages and knights was born and grew into a small obsession. Eventually I started with swordfighting lessons and those lessons in turn led me to a streettheatre troupe. With the help of people we visited many Medival festicals and carnivals around the Benelux. And by then I really got to know the middelages and all its splenderous history that I am so fond off.

I hope the many things from that happened in the past, will make a wonderfull future for me.

Best wishes and enjoy my website,

Ben Anbeek.